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FLYFIRE parachute for M30 series SUIT VERSION

FLYFIRE parachute for M30 series SUIT VERSION
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Flyfire OWL-30 Parachute for Matrice 30/30T Series Drones

Flyfire OWL-30 Parachute for Matrice 30/30T Series Drones

Flyfire OWL-30 parachute is an innovative and reliable safety solution specifically designed for DJI Matrice 30 series drones. This parachute is equipped with features and technologies to enhance flight safety and protect both the drone and the environment in emergency situations.

Flyfire OWL-30 Parachute Advantages:

  • Modular and reusable design
  • PSDK propeller stop function to completely eliminate the risk of parachute entanglement
  • Quick device preparation for flight
  • Compatible with DJI Matrice 30 series drones

The OWL-30 parachute is integrated with drone SDK. The parachute system interacts with real-time drone data and combines it with its sensor data to precisely perceive the drone's flight state and ensure a high probability of rescue.

Sensor Redundancy for Increased Safety

OWL-30 parachute sensors feature dual redundancy. If one set of sensors fails, another set can immediately transmit data to accurately determine the drone's flight state. This eliminates parachute errors and enhances flight safety.

Quick System Replacement

The OWL-30 parachute is easy to install and designed not to affect the drone's preparation for flight/transportation/usage.

Reusable and Easily Replaceable

The OWL-30 parachute has a reusable design. After usage, the pilot can replace the parachute in just 120 seconds, allowing for repeated use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible Models - DJI M30 & DJI M30T
  • Maximum Load - 4.5 KG
  • Parachute Box Size - 130 x 106 x 45mm
  • Parachute Fabric Area - 2.25 m2
  • System Weight - 280g
  • Response Time - 500-600ms
  • Response Distance - 8-15m
  • Lowest Opening Altitude - 23m
  • Operating Temperature - -20 to 60 °C
  • Operating Altitude - up to 3500m
  • IP Standard - IP45

Package Includes:

  • Parachute System (parachute, mounting brackets)
  • Screws for fastening
  • Key and data cable
  • Replacement parachute