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BS bag Spark Transport Case black carbon
-71 %
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: SPARKBX
You can carry the Mavic and its accessories by using this Bag. Holds: 1 aircraft, 1 controller, 4 batteries, 1 smartphone, and smaller accessories such as cables. Dimensions: 17.5 × 12.5 ×21 cm Maximum weight: 3 kg..
10.00€ 35.00€
DJI camera Osmo Action 2 Dual screen Combo
-40 %
Brand: DJI Europe BV Code: CP.OS.00000183.01
309.00€ 519.00€
DJI camera Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo
-19 % Ask
Brand: DJI Europe BV Code: CP.OS.00000270.02
429.00€ 529.00€
DJI camera Osmo Action 4 Standard Combo
-23 %
Brand: DJI Europe BV Code: CP.OS.00000269.02
329.00€ 429.00€
DJI Charhing Station bag for Spark
-53 %
Brand: DJI Europe BV Code: CP.PT.00000113
The Spark Portable Charging Station Bag is small and easy to carry, weighing only 645 g. It fits a charging station, remote controller, aircraft, and two Intelligent Flight Batteries,* making it perfect for traveling and extended flying outdoors. This matte PU-coated bag is durable and water resi..
9.00€ 19.00€
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: CP.FP.00000062.01
529.00€ 579.00€
DJI drone Avata Pro-View Combo(DJI Goggles 2)
-20 %
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: CP.FP.00000101.01
1,139.00€ 1,429.00€
DJI drone Matrice M30T, without batteries
-35 % Ask
Brand: DJI Europe BV Code: CP.EN.00000368.02
Matrice 30 Worry-Free Basic Combo Iekļauts viens gads DJI Care Refresh. Divas maksas nomaiņas un viena bezmaksas apkope. Matrice 30 Worry-Free Plus Combo Iekļauts neierobežots produkta remontu skaits gada laikā, kuru kopējā summa nepārsniedz produkta cenu, kā arī viena bezmaksas apkope. ..
7,990.00€ 12,290.00€
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