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Explore the boundless potential of cutting-edge drone services that redefine the way we interact with the world.

Our comprehensive drone solutions offer versatility, efficiency, and unmatched capabilities across various industries.

Brand: Nav noteikts Code: DJIAPK
!DRONE MAINTENANCE IS PERFORMED AT ALEKSANDRA CAKA STREET 149, RIGA, LV-1012! Regular check-ups are very important to identify potential problems before they escalate. We carry out thorough visual inspections of the drone's external components, turrets, motors, chassis and camera. We check fo..
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: DJIPRODASSE
!DJI FIRST TIME SET-UP IS PERFORMED AT ALEKSANDRA CAKA STREET 149, RIGA, LV-1012! First time set-up of DJI products involves a series of steps to set up and configure drones, gimbals, cameras, or other accessories manufactured by DJI. We offer comprehensive installation process, ensuring a smo..
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: DJIDIAG
!DRONE DIAGNOSTICS ARE BEING CARRIED OUT ALEKSANDRA CAKA STREET 149, RIGA, LV-1012! Regular inspection of drones is essential to carry out necessary maintenance. Regular diagnostic and maintenance procedures are essential to prevent malfunctions, improve operational efficiency and meet regulatory..
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: AEROCAPRUTE
Contact us today to elevate your visual content with our Drone Photography and Videography services. Let us bring your vision to life from a perspective that soars above the ordinary. Welcome to our cutting-edge Drone Photography and Videography service, where innovation meets stunning visuals to..
Brand: Nav noteikts Code: DJIKART
Unlock the power of precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge Drone Mapping Services. Our aerial insight solutions redefine the way you perceive and manage spatial data. Harnessing the latest drone technology, we provide comprehensive mapping services tailored to meet your unique needs. Key ..
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