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DJI Drone Maintenance

DJI  Drone Maintenance
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DJI Drone Maintenance
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Regular check-ups are very important to identify potential problems before they escalate. We carry out thorough visual inspections of the drone's external components, turrets, motors, chassis and camera. We check for physical damage, loose screws or signs of wear.

Battery Care:

Batteries are critical drone components. We ensure proper maintenance by checking for swelling, leaks or damage.

Propeller Checks:

We check for damage to the motor currents, as well as cracks or imbalances in the propellers. If necessary, repair damage by replacing parts to ensure balanced and stable flight.

Motor and ESC Inspection:

We are doing drone software updates to ensure that your drone has the latest features, fixed bug programs caused by the previous version and improve overall flight safety.

Software and Firmware Updates:

Regularly update the drone's software and firmware to access the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for updating, and always perform backups before making changes to the system.

Gimbal and Camera Maintenance:

We check the stability and correct functionality of the cameras and their stabilizers, as well as perform the necessary cleaning work for optimal image and video quality.

Frame Integrity:

We check that the frame is not subjected to unnecessary load, nor does it have cracks or other signs of deformation. A structurally sound frame is essential to the overall stability and safety of the drone.

Sensor Calibration:

We calibrate of onboard sensors, including gyroscopes, accelerometers, and compasses. Calibrating these sensors according to the manufacturer's guidelines ensure accurate data and stable flight performance.